Cloud Computing: The Game Changer of all Game Changers

We may think we’re at the cutting edge, that we’ve ‘broken the code’, changed the world, reshuffled the cards, and we have. But, we’re not the first to have done it. The original game changer is electricity, and that was way back in the late 19th century.  With electricity came lighting, motors, telephones, mass communication… it literally ‘powered’ the second industrial revolution – Now that’s a game changer!
But, every generation shines in its own way, and today we have the cloud changing the face of computing.

Cloud computing has made an unprecedented contribution to the way in which organizations function. It allows them to gather vast amounts of information, run almost unlimited computing resources, experience the latest and most innovative technologies in the field… and all without heavy invest in infrastructure and systems

Let’s take business applications as an example…

Business applications have gone through a similar process. Everything about the way they are delivered and consumed has changed with the advent of the cloud. Consider, for example, the SaaS model – business applications are consumed as a service in different consumption-based models. High initial investments into things like licensing or infrastructure have almost been eliminated, making certain applications much more accessible to small organizations, while also appealing to larger traditional ones. As a knock-on effect, software product companies have had no choice but to adapt their products to be used via this new model, with the result that SaaS has now surpassed the traditional methods of service provision.

Living in the clouds used to mean losing your grip on reality.
Today, it’s where reality resides!
Everything connects and communicates via the Internet: ‘things’ communicate with each other, can respond to their environment and enable interaction in a variety of ways. In business, the cloud provides the infrastructure on which applications are built, and enables information processing, as well as intelligent information systems, which use AI and machine learning.

Democratization of entrepreneurship
Global deployment of the cloud infrastructure, the development and running of platforms, and the huge ecosystem of services and business applications now available and easily accessible, have reduced the threshold for novice entrepreneurs to access major business breaks. Without the need for huge, up-front financial investment, or a specialization in diverse fields, the cloud has opened a world of opportunities where truly, the sky’s the limit.

The race to software delivery
In the face of intense market competition, speed is everything! In order to produce and roll out applications and features quickly and efficiently, the app production line must be streamlined and accelerated. Enter the cloud: cloud platforms provide a sequence of services for developing, deploying, managing, and running applications, enabling the automation of production lines so that processes are smooth, efficient, fast and accurate – and products hit the market faster.

What will be when the wind changes?
Little more than a decade since the cloud concept and model entered our lives, it has now become the norm, across organizations of all sizes, in all industries, around the world. The cloud has undeniably changed the playing field of the computing world, enabling huge changes and vast advancements in many and varied fields.

Cloud computing has become a fundamental and essential component of any techno-business transformation. The only question that remains is, what will happen when the winds change?

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