Board of Directors

Guy Bernstein

Chairman of the Board of Directors


BA in economics and accounting from the College of Management

CEO of Formula Systems (1985) Ltd. which holds a controlling share in Matrix IT Ltd.; CEO of Magic Software Industries Ltd. and director of the company and its subsidiaries; chairman of Sapiens International Corporation; director of inSync Staffing

The directorships noted above, plus: Microfilter Computers (1983) Ltd. (chairman); TSG IT Advanced Systems Ltd.

Yafit Karet

External Director


BA in Business Administration and Accounting and MBA in Business Administration from the College of Management

Owner and CEO of Proximo Ltd.

Member of the Executive Committee of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Observer on behalf of stockholders at Golden Age House

Itiel Efrat

External Director


CPA; BA in accounting and finance from the College of Management

CEO of ERB Financial Group

ESOP Excellence; ERB Financial Group

Eliezer Oren

Executive Vice Chairman


BA in mathematics and computer science from Tel Aviv University

President of Matrix IT Ltd, vice chairmen of Matrix Board of Directors

Matrix’s subsidiaries and their subsidiaries

Amir Hai

External Director


CPA; BA in accounting and financing from the College of Management.

finance manager of Smart Medical Systems; finance manager of Bermad Inc.