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I genuinely believe that our excellent teamwork is reflected in our business relationships with our customers.
We believe in long-term partnerships.

fast facts

M&As In over 20 years
Employees Worldwide
Million $ Annual Revenue (2022)
Founded in 2001
Traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TA-125 index)
1st place IT service provider*
Thousands of advanced and innovative projects
Leading Partner of Microsoft, AWS, Google, IBM, Red hat, Oracle, HP, SAP, DELL-EMC, BMC

A Few Words

"Since my very first day at Matrix, I have felt fortunate to lead its growth in the ever-changing world of technology.
We have established solid bonds with partners and clients from every sector, industry, and across the globe. I believe that these strong, long term relationships are a reflection of the high quality solutions, large scale complex deliverables and top service level for which we have become known, and which have made us a leader in the technology market.

For us, relationships are not only external. I am proud to boast that many of our professionals stick around for years, not only because we’re a solid secure company, but because they are a curious team who love to learn, grow and develop – and at Matrix they can do exactly that.
It is our people who take responsibility for exploring, learning, and leading the market into exciting new areas.

We aim to be the go-to company for any technological need our clients encounter, because they know that at Matrix there’s an entire network of people available to them, all of whom are happy to offer of their professional knowledge and experience. A project at Matrix is properly thought out and planned, executed and run with the utmost professionalism and (this is the fun part) brings true transformation – to the business, teams, processes and bottom lines.

With a desire to always remain a step ahead we combine calculated risks with a little guts and daring to ensure we continually offer innovative, cutting-edge technologies, services and business solutions that make a true impact on our clients core business.”

Yours,Moti GutmanCEO

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* According to STKI study, May 2022
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