Clinical Application Support

Clinical Application Support

Improve clinical integration, care decisions, and patient outcomes by leveraging the power of EHR and top-tier healthcare technologies

Improve clinical integration, care decisions, and patient outcomes by leveraging the power of EHR and top-tier healthcare technologies

Physician burnout is a national epidemic. Out of the 6,695 physicians who responded to a 2018 study led by Stanford University School of Medicine1 researchers, 55% reported symptoms of burnout. A recent STAT2 op-ed by Simon Talbot and Wendy Dean suggested that burnout is only a symptom of a larger problem – a broken healthcare system due to providers’ highly conflicted allegiances and moral injury.

The POET program provides clinicians and healthcare organizations with a data-driven assessment. It conducts a before and after survey to assess how enhancing clinicians’ experience with EHR reduces the burnout and turnover rate of physicians.

Being on the ground with EHR users, gathering information and improving the experience in real-time, helps increase physician and patient well-being in the short and long-term. Addiontaly, with the help of the POET program, you can expect Improved physician satisfaction as well as reduced physician turnover and time lost to EHR issue.

All-inclusive EHR adoption from initial assessment to implementation

Matrix provides healthcare organizations with end-to-end support to meet EHR adoption requirements. Having successfully implemented EHR usability in hospitals with over 200 beds nationwide, Matrix is considered as a trusted advisor that enables healthcare professionals to deliver quality, personalized patient care.

EHR Assessment
To improve EHR adoption, our team conducts a comprehensive review and assessment, ensuring the quality of the EHR implementation, focusing on clinical staff workflows.

With over 20 years of supporting dozens of healthcare providers, Matrix can integrate your systems with the following EHR providers:

Turnkey EHR Adoption Services

Matrix has developed an optimal set of components for a successful EHR adoption. Implemented by a team with deep technical expertise, we offer essential services to assist healthcare organizations with EHR adoption:

• Clinical staffing & project management
• Software build & configuration
• Application installation & infrastructure readiness
• Quality assurance & testing
• Application support & upgrades
• Clinical process design & system integrations

Expansion of EHR benefits to scale the value of your investment

To increase the value of EHR technology investment, Matrix helps healthcare organizations realize the full potential of their solution. EHR Optimization allows healthcare professionals to further improve productivity and quality of care by taking advantage of all the features and capabilities the system has to offer.

Having completed multiple large-scale EHR optimization projects, Matrix employs a proven system that guarantees the following key benefits:

• Boost physician satisfaction
• Increased productivity
• Improved quality
• Increased revenue
• Reduced wait times
• Reduced risk
• Increased compliance
• Improved documentation

Mission-critical HL7 interface design, management, installation, and support

Understanding that hospitals have mission-critical HIT workloads, Matrix provides industry-endorsed HL7 Interface experts who are capable of handling status quo operations, upgrades, and system transitions. Core Health Technologies has the expertise to deliver specialized solutions for healthcare organizations operating in various types of environment.

We use a sophisticated, internal proprietary database and combine it with recruiters who are experienced with all major Interface engines to provide only the best technical experts. With Core Health Technologies, healthcare organizations have the choice between contract consultants and full-time permanent candidates as needed.

With a specialized network spanning across all interface engines, Matrix is ready to deploy qualified experts with a high level of experience and proficiency in the following technologies:

• Mirth Connect
• Corepoint’s NeoTool/NeoIntegrate
• Orion Health’s Rhapsody
• Siemens/OPENLink
• Sun SeeBeyond’s JCAPS/e*Gate™/ICAN/DataGate™
• Eclipsys/eLink
• Epic Bridges
• Healthvision’s (Quovadx) Cloverleaf®
• Intersystems/Ensemble®

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