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Hi, I’m Steven,
R&D leader

Uniquely structured to meet any stakeholder’s R&D ambitions, in real time or around unseen technological corners, we offer an array of tech talent and services unmatched in diversity or expertise - from highly trained Heroes-for-Hire candidates, to our team specialists; rapid proto-type development,
to technological due diligence.


At Matrix R&D Labs, our comprehensive approach to tech talent reflects our understanding of what it takes to both nurture and provide top-tier expertise, from the inside out. On one hand, we work with companies to fill their talent pool with highly-skilled individuals and teams. On the other, we offer a gold-standard training program and a wealth of opportunity for exceptional candidates seeking a future in the technology sector.

We understand that, for a high-tech company, the demand for tech talent is constant and dynamic. We are experts in onboarding people who have a thorough understanding of processes and an agile skill set, and the flexibility to easily integrate into any given technology environment and adapt to challenges in the field.

We also understand that, for candidates, your time and effort is a fundamental investment in your future. We value your success as much as you do and have built a program to provide you with the knowledge and tools you will need to thrive in tech in just 28 weeks. Graduates of our unique program possess skills and a level of expertise ordinarily expected from seasoned experts who have already spent three to four years working in the field.

Our mentors and development experts also provide an array of advanced R&D services, to transform innovative ideas from concept to cutting-edge products.

All this and more delivered through our subsidiary company, Infinity Labs.

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Areas of Expertise

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Ignition Point

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R&D Tech Experts

Ignition Point

At our startup incubator and prototype development center, our mentors and developers implement internal and external concepts, to create and test innovative, working products.

R&D Tech Experts

Our intensive training program uses rigorous, evidence-based teaching methods to equip exceptional candidates with a solid base of expertise on which they can build an agile, flexible and adaptable technological skill set, so that they can work and communicate effectively in teams in diverse tech settings.

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